Wednesday, November 4, 2015

too tired for much

I had all kinds of fun things to share with you.  The girls dance class, our new friends both from dance and our ward, the girls and I's random and spontaneous day to the zoo after dance (SO much fun fyi!) but I am SO exhausted!!  Jed was in FL last weekend for work and my mom and youngest brother Robert came for the weekend.  And then the time changed.  And the girls decided they don't want to sleep in their bed anymore.  And K has decided that no matter what, she's going to be up at 6am (7am to the old time she was use too.). And so I was going to ask you about the time change... why? what's the purpose? How do you and yours handle it.  Poor Jed is having a heck of a time between his time change on his trip and the time change when he got home.  But really, I'm just to tired.  Every moms story hahahaha :) Hope anyone reading this (the very few and far between) are doing well.  We are loving life in CO, missing family like crazy, and looking forward to making new traditions and memories.  Sweet dreams!

Friday, October 23, 2015

just randomness of CO Springs

But first, today is Jed's birthday!  The big #29! HE'S ALMOST 30!! What?? Sure love that nearly old man though!  He truly steps up to the plate and deals with way more then most men would or should  He is extremely patient, kind, and loving.  He's an example to me of being generous, forgiving, and unassuming.  He always sees the best in people.  And if he teases you or gives you a hard time, then you know he really really likes you :)

Today the girls and I ventured into town (Colorado Springs town, we live in Peyton, close to Falcon which has its own Safeway, Walmart and a few restaurants and banks.  But for the bigger places you've gotta run into the city of Colorado Springs. Either Powers, Academy, Monument, Briarridge, Stetson Hills, or Corporate Drive) We went and picked up Jed and took him to lunch to a little Mexican place called Salsa Brava.  Yum!! Then we took him back and stayed and visited for while.  The girls were so sweet and asked if we could go see the fish, so off to Bass Pro Shop we went.  It's only about 12 minutes from Jed's office and they have a huge tank full of live fish.  The girls LOVE it! Then we did a little shopping, got Jed another birthday present, a birthday present for Kenzley (she'll be two on Sunday, WHAT?? That's a post for another day) and I snagged a few stocking stuffers/Christmas Eve gift.  Gotta love those early Christmas present shopping!

On the way home I decided to take the back roads through the Black Forest.  Oh how I LOVE Black Forest.  We looked for houses in that area...OUCH!  It's a gorgeous place nestled in the Black Forest Mountains.  Lots and lots of trees, lots of hobby farm/ranches, lots of horses.  But it is beautiful.  It is Jed and I's dream to live there one day, maybe in the next ten years or so.  It's something I greatly look forward to.  As we were driving through, Blaikley took a big deep sigh, said "Mom, this place sure feels good!" and promptly feel fast asleep.  She hardly ever naps, but here it is, a quarter to five in the evening and she's still napping! Yay!!

When we got home, the glass/screen door was closed but the front door was open and it was SO cold!! The thermostat was reading 63* - too cold! So I got the girls laying down and sleeping, started a fire, and now I'm just enjoying the quiet.  There are many more productive things I need to be doing...dishes, laundry, sweeping, dusting.... wait!! Did I just say it was a quarter to five?? Yikes!! I best get something figured out for dinner!!

Hope ya'll are doing well and great!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

A big, crazy, wonderful adventure!

Well guys, we did it! We have moved to Colorado! And it it was wonderful! 

A few fun facts and stories about our home and time in Colorado:
- Its sandy, no dirt
- The misquotes and red aunts are HUGE!
- The girls have never slept better!
- Jed and I both feel more at home here then at any other home we've lived in since being married
- The views of Pikes Peak are amazing!
- The people of Colorado Springs/Falcon/Peyton area are... amazingly different.  Everyone we've met or interacted with have been so kind and patient. I'm sure most parents understand the nerve that can come when taking kiddos into public, weather its eating, grocery shopping, etc.  We are 30-45 minutes into Colorado Springs and 15-20 minutes into Falcon.  I do our Costco shopping in the Springs and Walmart/Safeway and groceries in Falcon.  So you can imagine the fits tired little ones can have.  The first few times the nerves piped up, the worry about what looks and comments people will dish out today (Utah was the worst about people commenting on others parenting styles.  I got a few in Idaho, but Utah was the worst for me).  But not once have we received and glare or an offending comment.  Every one we have come into contact with has been so amazing! So kudos to El Paso County Colorado! (PS: even the fast food workers and workers in Walmart have been amazing! I can't even put it into words, you'll just have to come experience it for yourself :) ).
- The DMV here is CRAZY!!  There are good seven or eight different DMV's in El Paso County.  I met Jed at 12noon for our vin verification and we headed over to the DMV on Powers and Research.  It was a shopping center and after we drove around for a good 40 minutes, we gave up and headed down to the one on Union Blvd.  Many of the DMV's had computer problems that day but there was a list online and this DMV was suppose to be good to go.  We got there and is was PACKED! So I took the girls out for a walk while Jed waited in line.  After about and hour and half we FINALLY get to the clerk, tell them we are there to register our vehicles that expire that day and that we needed to get our new instate drivers license. Wwweelllllllll.... no can do.  Their computers are down also.  What?? Why didn't you tell us that sooner!! We so had to head over to the DMV on Garden of the Gods Road.  and by this time it's about 3:30pm or so.  And the girls have been great but are starting to get restless.  We sit next to a super nice grandma and her grandson, and there's a friendly mom who's there with her baby and her sister. And the girls play with the baby and they dance and the sing and be silly.  Jed takes and walks around the building with them and finds a vending machine.  When all those people leave we get to sit next to a super nice African-American lady names Clara. She was SO sweet with my girls! B commented on how her hair is dark and curly and beautiful like her aunt Sarah's.  They sat and talked and laughed and giggled at each other for about 15 mins or so, it was so sweet.  And the girls kept dancing and laughing and being a little loud but not one person minded!! What?? People are okay with kids being kids?? It was AMAZING!!  So we were able to get my car registered but we had to go get a weight verification done on the truck (because we couldn't just pay for it being over 4500lbs, we had to have it weighed and prove it was over 4500lbs.  So poor Jed had to drive an hour north to find a scale that was still open, but BONUS - he brought home Costa Vida! yum!

Okay, I still have lots and lots to share but alas I must go be mom and get some work done :)

lots of love!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Total Mom Fail

Its been over a year since the last time I posted.  Man Alive.  And I have no excuse.  My dear, sweet, beautiful Kenzley Beau, I am sorry I didn't blog the first year of your life. And I'm sorry that I missed out on a year my sweet, loving and thoughtful Blaikley Diane. That being said, those who even follow my blog are either family or dear friends who see my facebook page.  I have taken thousands of pictures and videos of the past year, and they are all on Instagram and Facebook.  I still feel crummy though, and I promise to transfer photos over to this blog and get our life documented on the past year and from here on out. 

Here are a few photos of where I left off.  Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween was a little different.  First, we had to carve pumpkins!

That was so much fun! Blaikley really got into it. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!

Home with an almost week old baby didn't make me want to walk around in the cold too bad. Thankfully daddy was willing to take Blaikley out and about!  

Blaikley's amazing aunt Amy made her a shiny fairy costume! It was so wonderful to have one less thing to worry about. Thanks Amy!

She kept saying "I fly!" And running around! It was absolutely darling!

They only went down one street. Daddy kept talking and taking too long. Even though Blaikley was bundled up she told Jed " I'm cold daddy. 'Ets go home!" 

Kenzley hung out with grandma Lisa and Mama while daddy and B were out.

Blaikley just wanted to cuddle when she got back :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

More about Kenzley

One other difference between the Preston hospital and the Logan hospital that kind of bothered me was that they didn't put the baby in pj's or warmer blankets. I ended up having Jed bring some from home. I'm glad I did too since this one was an extra small sized newborn. She was only able to wear them once. Blaikley wore these just once too. They came from my aunt Carri who's daughter, Millie, wore them! 
It's not the best photo but it was our first night alone so I did my best :)

Also in Preston, they had big, comfy recliners where in Logan they had a chair and a couch. Some rooms had more room in them but our room was a little more cramped just because of the way it was set up. Jed stayed with me both nights in Preston because he could get pretty comfy in the chair but he went home both nights while I was in Logan.  It worked okay and Blaikley liked having daddy kiss her goodnight and wake her up, but I would be lying if I said I was glad to be by myself. :). I really had good nurses so it wasn't too bad and I'm not complaining! I just want to document our experience!! 

On Friday my parents took Blaikley back to our house for lunch, playing in the park, and just keeping her busy.  Jed's brother Flint and his oh-so wonderful wife Amy came by for a visit before going to young men/young women's.  Amy kept us in food for days before and after. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, generosity, and example. Love you Amy! 

Also that evening, Jed's mom and dad came by! Stetson and Makayla where with them but they weren't allowed into the room. Jed was able to take Kenzley to the window so they could get a good look at her. Those two sweet kids as well as grandma and grandpa Pugsley brought us some beautiful flowers!  It was a wonderful and exhausting day :). I didn't get much sleep that day and I paid for later but it was so wonderful to show off our sweet little red head! Much too excitement to get any rest :) 

Kenzley was officially named at two days old!!  Blaikely named herSaturdaymorning :) 

Jed, my dad, my brother Robert and Blaikley went to Salt Lake City for a snowmobile show on Saturday. My mom and I had a wonderful time chatting, watching tv and taking turns cuddling Kenzley. My brother Travis drove down from Rexburg to come visit and get some loving on Miss K.  He brought some his homework and ended up staying and visiting for most of the day. We video chatted my brother Scott and my brother Denton called and chatted for a while as well. It was a wonderful day that made me feel so loved! I'm incredibly moved that all of brothers contacted me in someway and showed their love and concern.  I am so grateful for my brothers! That day I also received flowers and a teddy from my Grandma Jerri and Grandpa Jim.  It was a great day!

Mom, dad and Robert headed home bright and early Sunday morning. Travis had a date in Logan Saturday night that ran later then expected. He ended up staying at our house that night and left early Sunday also.  I had one of my favorite nurses of the whole time Sunday. Jed and Blaikley left the house a little later. They made a few quick stops in Logan before coming to the hospital and surprised me with a new pair of socks and Kenzley with a new onesie!! Such thoughtful souls!!  

After a shower and general hanging out, we were told we could leave that day. Our nurse Sunday was so wonderful that she made us sad to leave. The whole process was kind of rushed.  I really wanted to try savoring the moment but there must of been someone needing our room or something. We didn't even get to tell our nurse thank you and goodbye.  But I pushed for Kenzley to get a bath and get in her outfit before we left. *side note: I don't know if it was because Blaikley was our first, but we got a big load of formula, diapers, binky's, preloaded bottles... All kinds of things sent home with us. Again, not complaining, just comparing. They also had to check that we had the carseat installed correctly and a bunch of hubbaloo where as Preston just needed to see you carseat. Funny Utah :). 

Blaikley wants to hold and get a picture with Kenzley as often as possible. 
Getting ready to get loaded up and head home!
All ready to go!
We are home!!
She's perfect!

Daddy is in heaven!

And so is Blaikley :)

So beautiful!

Blaikley is on the left, Kenzley on the right. They look so much alike!!

Love my girls!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kenzley Beau Pugsley

We did it!! We welcomed our second baby girl into the world on Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 8:20a.m.  Here is her birth story...

Things went a little more smoothly with Kenzley's pregnancy then with Blaikley's. I was able to keep my weight down (171lbs vs 199lbs) as well as my blood pressure (151/90 at the highest vs 210/160).   I started my pregnancy with Dr. Todd Millar in Tremonton and switched about 12 weeks to Dr. Gary Fowers in Logan.  No particular reason, Dr. Millar was very nice, but I never felt 100% okay with him as my OB doctor. Many women have loved him, but I just never 'felt' it. With Blaikley's doctor, Dr. Jacob Curtis in Preston, Idaho, I loved him from day one. I was treated like a queen by the whole staff, he was also our family doctor, and the hospital treatment was next to none.  I was really sad he was no longer our doctor but I couldn't justify the drive.  I'm getting off track. Dr. Millar is a great doctor, just not right for me. When I ended up switching I felt right about it. I don't 'love' Dr. Fowers like I did Dr. Curtis, but it was fine. His staff was wonderful and the hospital was still great. 

Dr. Fowers allowed me to consider a v-bac (I had an emergency c-section with Blaikley) and I was so in love with the idea! But the more I prayed about it, I knew it wasn't going to happen.  And with my family being so far away, and dad's trucking company being so busy with the possibility he would have to drive to Alaska and be gone for a few weeks, it was easier and way less stressful to schedule a c-section. I know a lot of women do not agree with my decision, but that's just it, it's my decision that I did not take lightly. Jed and I both prayed about it and we both felt that it was the right decision.  I was slightly annoyed with Dr. Fowers too.  I felt like he kept trying to talk me into a v-bac because from now all of my babies have to come c-section, which also 'limits' how many babies I should have. However, hello, I have MS. I already am limited in regards to how much I can handle. I had to tell him that several time. It was annoying.  Enough ranting :). 

So we decided to go a headed with a planned c-section. I kept having Braxton hicks contractions, but, like with Blaikley's, my body never started anything. No dilation, no water breaking, no real contractions, nothing.  I am a little sad about that. The crazy hormones don't help. A part of me aches to have the labor pains, so go through the process of labor. A little bit of me feels like I'm not a 'real' woman. I know it's silly and more then anything I am SO grateful my babies have gotten here safe and sound. It's a selfish thing to feel bad about it, but again, it's my feelings and sometimes you can't help how you feel.  

We ended up deciding to schedule the c-section on Friday, Ocotber 25th.  The very same birthday as my dad, one of my best friend's, the one and only Mrs. Ashley Nicholason, and my brother Scott's very sweet and adorable girlfriend, Miss Heather Renfro. Big day!! The c-section was scheduled for 7:30a.m. And Jed and I to be there two hours early, which meant we had to leave our house at 5a.m.!! My wonder family (my mom, dad, and brother Robert.  Travis is going to school in Resburg, Centon is working like crazy and Scott is going to school in Lewiston, Idaho!) came down the night before so we would have help with Blaikley. 

Here I am, 39 weeks 5 days along with Kenzley at 5:35a.m. In Oct. 25th!

We got checked into the Logan Regional Hospital dark and early :). We were in a Labor and Delivery room even where I preceded to changed into a gown and go through all the fun paper work and blood process. In an emergency c-section, you usually already have some form of drug in you. With Blaikley I had the epidural in, so when the c-section came they just cranked it up. In a normal scheduled c-section, you walk to the OR and meet the anesthesiologist for a spinal block. I had two things going against me for that... My MS and my factor five.  The anesthesiologist, Dr. Mortenson, came in to chat and explain things.  Basically he told us that a spinal can exasperate the MS and cause a lot of problems, so he proffered to do an epidural. The epidural had the problem with the Factor five because I had been taking baby's aspirin per doctor instruction. The other option was to go completely under, but that has a whole of risks in and of itself.  After a little discussion we all decided the epidural sounded best. Dr. Mortenson got it started right there in the L&D room. My nurse, Brooke, was absolutely wonderful. The poor thing was pregnant and the needle made her queasy but she was a trooper. She was one of my favorite nurses! She was there through the section and recovery and saw me up to my room on the third floor. I wish I could've had her the whole time. 

Once in the OR we just had to wait for the epidural to get completely saturated. Once that happened they got to work. Jed was with me the whole time. He actually stood by left arm and peaked around the curtain so he could watch the whole procedure. The nurse was quite impressed he could watch his wife go through that and not get sick.  The staff was fun, played old country music and joked around. It was a wonderful environment.  Then my sweet baby came into the world at 8:20a.m.

She cried immediately. It is the most wonderful sound a parent will ever hear. 

The nurses let me see her for a few seconds right away. Then they weighed and measured her. She was a whopping 9lbs 02oz and 21 inches long! 
Boy she was a chunk! Blaikley was 22.5inces long and 7lbs 14oz, so she was a bit bigger :) no wonder my backed aches more!!

As they worked over Kenzley, they continued to work on me. Dr. Fowers discovered a few adhesions on my uterus that he left since they aren't causing any problems right now. But it's good to now they're there. after a bit they brought her over to me to hold, kiss and love on for a while. In the last 15 or so minutes they took her to the NICU for observation. They brought her to me in the recovery room. I love holding my newborns skin to skin, knowing I am keeping them warm and safe. 
Recovering and enjoying being together.  I also got to nurse for the first time here and she's a natural!!

From there we want to the third floor and to our room for the next three days. My parents brought Blaikley to the hospital at 8:30a.m. and we're able to see her pretty quickly.  After awhile they of visiting and loving baby girl they took Blaikley home and came back later. 
in our room. I was feeling pretty drugged up and sore but all I wanted was to cuddle my girls. Blaikley loved her from the very first second. 
All she wants to do is hold and kiss her. Baby didn't have a name until the next day. We let Blaikley decide between Tayley and Kenzley. Really, after seeing her red head I knew it would be Kenzley but I wanted her to feel like she had a real say in it :)

I've got a diaper to change and a toddler to put bed but I will post more pictures and stories as soon as possible. 

Much Loves!